In the past wood decks provided a much bigger return on investment (+80%) than cellular PVC when the home was sold. But in recent years the return on investment between wood and cellular PVC has narrowed. If you’re installing a new deck you can expect to recoup between 60% and 70% of the cost regardless of the material. Here are some points to keep in mind if you’re looking to maximize the return of the cost of your new deck.

Big, but not too big

Some experts suggest that a deck should be no larger than 20% of the square footage of the accompanying house. It’s a solid point: an extremely large deck can dominate a property. If your first instinct is to go big, consider building an addition to your home first. A sunroom will add value and balance to the overall grounds, and with the extra new space a deck that’s more proportionate to your home is easier to plan.

Unique, but not too unique

Regardless of your politics, it pays to be conservative if you’re trying to maximize the resale value of your deck. If you have fanciful and eccentric tastes you can build a beautiful deck to match, but not everyone will share your vision when it comes time to sell.

The flip side: something a little out of the ordinary like a pergola will definitely catch the eye and add value.

Build into your surroundings

Be aware of your entire property when you’re designing your deck. Consider curves if your yard’s perimeter is defined with sharp right angles. The contrast looks terrific. Greenery always adds life. Some planter boxes and a few simple flower pots can do wonders to help a deck visually melt into a yard.

curved cellular pvc

Curves look great on a deck.

Let there be light

We often think about sunbathing and barbecues when designing and forget about nighttime. A well lit deck can look beautiful in a completely different way when the sun goes down. You can build lighting right into the deck in a variety of ways, while exterior lights and fixtures can complement the scene.

More questions?

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