Durable Powder Coating is a subsidiary of Fence-All. At DPC we’ve powder coated everything from bikes and birdhouses to xylophones and 99% of the time size is no problem. But occasionally we get a request to work on a large product that begs the question: What’s the biggest piece that can fit in your powder coating oven?

durable powder coating oven

Our standard oven measures 15′ long by 9′ wide by 11′ tall. We can extend the length when necessary up to an extra 8′. The distance between extreme corners in the oven when it’s extended is about 27′, so that’s our absolute maximum for narrow objects like flag poles or pipe.

If you’ve got a large or awkwardly sized piece you’d like painted, pull out the tape measure and compare the dimensions to the diagram above.

Too big?

If your item is too big don’t be shy to get in touch anyway. We’re happy to give you our best advice on how to proceed given the constraints mentioned above. Call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.