A fence is one of the best ways to protect commercial property. They’re often attractive, secure, and affordable, especially when your insurance premium is reduced for taking extra security measures.

It’s important to remember that your fence should create a complete perimeter. Your property is an important asset and if intruders know that they can simply walk around your fence, gaining access from the back, they will.

This article explores 4 things to consider when installing commercial fencing. Let’s start with some important information all property owners need before they choose their fence.


Before you meet with your fencing contractor there is some information you’ll need in order to proceed. Be sure to check zoning codes and community bylaws so your fence is within regulation. Spend the money to get confirmation from city hall, so you’re confident where the property line is. Even if there’s a previous fence, you’ll be surprised how often newly built fences need to be torn down and moved after the fact. You may also need to call for utility marking. Before the fenceposts can go in you need assurance there isn’t a gas or powerline in the way.


There are a variety of materials available for your fence, each has its perks:

  • CHAIN LINK FENCE: Economical, strong and durable. These fences last years and are almost maintenance free. Being able to see through them is a popular feature.
  • ALCUF FENCE: Very attractive, often used for residential but the aluminum fill is very suitable for commercial
  • VINYL FENCE: Available in a variety of colours and styles, these fences are popular because they’re easy to clean. Vinyl fences also offer a homey feel which neighbouring organizations appreciate.
  • IRON ALUMINUM FENCE: These fences are usually three feet high, but are available up to 6 feet. Iron aluminum fences are sturdy, attractive, and customizable. Similar to chain link fences, owners like being able to see through the pickets.


A beautiful fence is great, but keeping your business safe from intruders is usually what matters most to business owners. The height of your fence is one of the biggest elements that will stop intruders. Other security measures include automated gates, and barbed or razor wires.


The last thing you want to do is create a fence and security system so elaborate that getting in and out is a hassle for your employees or clients. There are several features you can add to your fence and security system to help such as rolling gates, pin or swipe card access, and alarm systems.


For the majority of commercial organizations, the appearance of the fence is important as well. You want to scare intruders away, not customers. Choosing a fence that is easy to maintain and clean is a great start. Landscaping is also a good way to help with this, but we recommend discussing aesthetics with your fence provider to help you find something suitable. Having provided secure fencing for many commercial organizations in the Ottawa area, Fence All understands what it takes to strike a balance between a fencing system that is secure, easy to use, and attractive.