The answer is YES. Many folks think it’s cellular PVC all the way down, but the fact is the material isn’t strong enough to function as a frame. Pressure treated wood is the ideal choice for deck framing. It’s used not only in cellular PVC decks but in cedar decks as well. Here’s why:

Strength and durability:
Pressure treated wood’s strength and durability are its trump cards when it comes to deck frames. Its load-bearing characteristics outclass cedar and cellular PVC, and its rot resistance means it stays strong for many years.

It’s not the primary reason for its structural use, but pressure-treated lumber is more affordable than red cedar and cellular PVC.

The biggest knock against pressure-treated lumber in the fence and deck industry is its inferior look compared to other materials. Fortunately, a deck frame is largely hidden from view, so the aesthetics don’t come into play.

ledger board

The frame and ledger board are made from pressure treated wood and the cellular PVC facade is built over it.

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