A backyard is a luxury that many people enjoy. But during hot summer days it can be a challenge to spend time there without some form of protection from the sun. Fortunately, we offer several backyard products that throw shade in a good way and allow you to enjoy more quality time outside.

Sun Filters

Sun filters are a popular solution to cut down on the effects of a hot sun. They’re available in cedar or vinyl and are usually installed around the perimeter of a deck (though stand alone models are available). They aren’t only effective, they’re also quite beautiful from an aesthetic perspective as well. Sun filters are a worthy accessory to any deck that has an exposed view of the sky.

perimeter filter

Perimeter filters are a beautiful and useful deck accessory.


Pergolas are stand alone structures that also offer a degree of protection from the sun. Available in cedar or vinyl, they work well around hot tubs and next to pools. The overhead crossbeams are spaced to allow some sunlight to pass through, creating a partially shaded area. Pergolas can be customized to fit any backyard space.

overview image pergola

Pergolas offer partial protection from the sun.


Gazebos are a classic solution that provide full protection from the sun. Unlike filters and pergolas, the roof of a gazebo will block both sunlight and rain completely. The sides can be left open, or built up to effectively create an outdoor room. Available in cedar or vinyl, gazebos are an excellent addition to any backyard and can be used for entertaining guests, outdoor dining, or as a quiet retreat for reading or relaxing.

vinyl gazebo

Gazebos offer full protection from both sun and rain.

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