Durable Powder Coating is a subsidiary of Fence-All. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of powders, but even still we often get asked if we mix custom colors.

The answer:

We do offer custom colours, but we don’t do the mixing ourselves. We send a sample that you provide to the powder manufacturers, and they do the matching. There’s a surcharge above what you’d pay for one of our standard catalogue colors.

Why not do the matching in-house?

An intermediate colour is the natural reaction when liquid paints are stirred together but it’s entirely different in the powder coating world. Mixing powder is an extremely specialized process, equal parts science and art. Colour is one property, but it’s not the only one that matters. The texture of the powder, for instance, is a crucial player in the mix as well. There’s a terrific rundown of the effects and blends that can be achieved here. Simply put, our specialty is the painting, not the powder. We’ve found the best way to get your custom colour onto your item is to outsource the matching.

More questions?

If you have more questions about powder coating we’re happy to answer them. Call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.