We don’t recommend it. Virtual all of our fence posts are cemented, and on the rare occasions when they aren’t it’s because the posts are driven into the ground. It’s a much different process than digging the hole first.

That said, for smaller applications that aren’t true fences (a light ornamental design near a garden, for example) cement may seem like overkill. Here are some tips if you’ve got a DIY project on the go and want to set a post with dirt.

Use Gravel:
Place a layer of gravel at the bottom of the hole before inserting the post. This can help with drainage and reduce the risk of rot.

Tamp the Dirt:
Tamp the dirt down around the post as you fill the hole to help compact the soil and provide more stability.

Consider Post Type:
The post’s direct contact with the soil can be problematic in the long term. Pressure-treated or rot-resistant posts are generally recommended.

More questions?

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