Yes! It’s a fairly common request, usually made because of a new hot tub or pool. We offer a product called Raise Existing that will increase the height of your chain link fence. Typically, the posts are extended, and the entire fence is re-meshed. Occasionally, the existing mesh is buried in the ground or a hedge, and it’s more practical to leave it where it is and attach a new strip of mesh above on the post extensions. We can do either.

Add Lattice to Existing

We also have a vinyl product called Add Lattice to Existing that uses a similar principle. The posts are extended, and lattice is then attached to an existing vinyl fence. It’s a terrific way to add some privacy and style to your backyard without the cost of a full vinyl fence installation.

add lattice to existing

This fence was originally an Alexandria. The lattice was added later to turn it into a Stratford.

More questions?

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