Privacy fence can be expensive. We’re often asked if there are ways to trim the budget on projects that feature it. Here are some suggestions:

Choose Your Spots

It’s often practical to use less expensive fencing (chain link for example) in places where privacy isn’t a concern while surrounding sensitive areas with full privacy vinyl or wood. The example above shows Garden Wall wood that blocks sight lines from the street while chain link is used for the rest of the yard. This mix and match approach is quite common with our customers.

Privacy Screens

If you have a deck or porch you can buy privacy screens to block select sight lines while keeping the other angles open.

aluminum privacy panel

Buy one panel for privacy and leave the rest of the porch open.

7′ High Usually Isn’t Necessary

Many folks think fences 7′ or higher are necessary to ensure full privacy but most often this is not the case. A person would have to be about 6’5″ to see over a 6′ high fence while standing. 99.7% of Canadians are under 6’5″ tall (source:

Will the Extra Foot or Two Matter?

If your neighbours have sight lines that start from the second floor or above there’s little difference in privacy between a 6′ and an 8′ fence. Buying the taller model isn’t money well spent in this case. As discussed previously, the 6’h fence will be fine for virtually all of your walk-by traffic.

Plan ahead

Be creative and game out the various scenarios beforehand. Your Fence-All rep can go over your project with you and make sure you’ve considered all the options. You can easily set up an estimate by hitting the red BOOK YOUR FREE ESTIMATE button on any page of our website.


If you have questions about privacy fencing or related issues we’re happy to answer them. Call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.