Absolutely! Privacy fences of all materials will block noise to varying degrees. A high fence with T&G boards contoured to the ground is a good option if rambunctious neighbours are a concern. It’s a great solution for routine situations, but if the noise is very loud and/or sustained a more tailored fix is in order.


A T&G privacy fence contoured to the ground is a good choice if neighborhood noise is a concern. A Fallingbrook is shown here.

Sound Inhibitor

As the name implies, Sound Inhibitor fencing is specifically designed to smother noise from traffic and other types of sound pollution that are all too common in a bustling world. The secret is in the double layer of tongue & groove boards. The layers are offset so that the connections between the boards of one layer line up with the middle of the boards of the other.

In addition, the bottom rail of Sound Inhibitor fencing is buried to ensure there is no sound leakage at ground level. The cost of Sound Inhibitor is roughly twice the amount per foot as a similar wood fence without the noise blocking features. It’s definitely a specialty item and the pricing will depend on the particulars of your site. Your Fence-All rep will go over all the options and details with you before giving you a final number.

sound inhibitor

This Sound Inhibitor fence with steel posts was built to block noise from kids in the pool next door.

More questions?

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