Privacy and security are two of the most important qualities that homeowners ask from us when we’re enlisted to build a fence around their house. Gone are the days of using a chain-link fence to surround the perimeter of your house; more and more homeowners are choosing large, secure and visually pleasing fences to keep their kids, pets, and themselves safe and sound. At Fence All, we’re excited to offer everyone in Ottawa, ON and the surrounding area with a variety of options. Here are some of the best fence styles that homeowners have for optimized privacy:

Privacy Fence

An increasingly popular fence choice for homeowners is the solid board fence designed with optimal privacy measures. These fences are tremendously sturdy and can withstand plenty of rumble and tumble, which is important for families with energetic little children and pets. These fences boast tremendous security qualities. There are no gaps in between the wood panels, which means nothing can get in or out of your backyard. Also, people are prevented from looking into your yard. To keep your fence in outstanding shape, you will be required to perform basic, routine maintenance on it.

Board-on-Board Fence

Another wood fence that is commonly utilized in residential neighbourhoods is the board-on-board fence. These are an incredibly cost-effective option for homeowners. Board-on-board fences, unlike privacy fences, do not have wood planks positioned against each other, which allows for airflow in between the gaps. Therefore, privacy is slightly diminished with a board-on-board fence. However, many homeowners like having the option to peer through the slots in their fences, which privacy fences cannot provide. They are incredibly easy to assemble, and although basic maintenance may be needed, if you choose a more premium wood, you’ll reduce maintenance and costs in the long run.

Vinyl Fence

If we were to recommend a style of fence to you that prioritizes privacy and security, all while being customizable and easy to install, we would propose installing a vinyl fence for your home. Vinyl fences have grown significantly popular over the last couple of years, and therefore, more thought and consideration has been put into the manufacturing of these fences. Nowadays, homeowners can implement a vinyl fence that looks just like a wood fence! Upfront, you may need to pay more depending on how much fencing you will require; however, it will require significantly less maintenance than a wood fence would need. Repairs can be costly, so be mindful before inviting friends and family over for a game of backyard tackle football.

Keeping your children and pets safe to roam in your backyard, knowing they can’t escape through the fence is what every responsible homeowner needs. Even if you don’t have children or pets, being able to use your backyard without fear that someone can look to see what you’re doing is important to your freedom. If you have any questions regarding the installation of a new privacy fence, contact Fence All today!