Privacy fences are becoming more popular for homeowners wanting to create their backyard paradise. These types of fences have lots to offer, and don’t need to be bland or unoriginal! The following list proves that you can have a beautiful functioning fence without having to sacrifice the appeal.


Privacy Fences


A solid board fence is one of the most common types of fences, as it provides a large amount of security for minimal costs. Materials used with this type of fencing can be either wood or vinyl. Both are available with a Tongue & Groove option to lock the boards together. This means zero gaps between the boards and 100% privacy. This type of fence may require a moderate amount of maintenance throughout the years, depending on the quality of materials used.


Orleans Style Fences


Alternating boards are one of the most cost-effective fences, as they use fewer pieces of material to create a layered look. This is a preferable option for those looking for privacy while still allowing more of an “open” feel. These are an excellent option for residential lots, and however, as with all wooden fences, they do require some maintenance and repairs. If you are looking for privacy without creating a solid wall around your backyard, shadowbox fences might be the right choice for you.


Sound Inhibitor


A sound wall fence is a great solution if you’re looking for total privacy, both visually and sound-wise. These fences are made with thick boards that have grooves to lock in place and provide a solid wall look. This fence is a great option for those looking to block out both sound and sight. However, they tend to be more expensive than your typical wood board fence, as they require heavy materials and high-quality wood. Vinyl can also be used for this type of fence, but this will heavily increase costs.