We occasionally get asked this question, and the answer is no. Manhattan pickets are plain by design at the top and bottom. Many people like the look and the price: year after year Manhattan is our most popular iron fence. But some folks prefer something a little more ornate.

Do you have an iron fence with caps on the pickets?

Absolutely! If you’d like something with closed off pickets that is similar to a Manhattan we suggest the Marquee. Marquee pickets are squished at the top.

marquee picket detail

Marquee has squished picket tops.

Are there models with more ornate pickets than the Marquee?

Absolutely! The Empire features fleur-de-lis finials and the Rockefeller has spiral finials. And it doesn’t end there. You can check out the large variety of options in our complete line of iron fences here.

More Questions?

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