If you’ve recently installed a fence, you may need to pick up a few accessories that will improve your new investment’s durability and functionality. Fences are an integral part of your home as they improve your home’s security and privacy but also mark your property’s boundary lines.

At Fence All, we’ve been professionally installing fences for homeowners in Ottawa, ON and the surrounding area for more than 44 years! We know exactly what your fence needs to be strong and reliable. The following article will discuss a few fence accessories that you need.

Fence Post Caps

Yes, fence post caps add to your fence’s aesthetic value, and you can shop for them to customize the look. However, did you know that fence post caps are critical to your wood fence’s health and durability? The tops of your wood posts are susceptible to mold, mildew and rot as rain, snow and moisture can seep into the unprotected wood. Wood caps also play an important role in keeping rodents and unwanted critters from sitting on and dirtying your fence. Improve the longevity of your investment by installing fence post caps today!

Lattice Tops

One of the more popular fence accessories in the last decade has been lattice tops for privacy fences. For many homeowners, the privacy is great but not very appealing to look at every day. Therefore, a lot of homeowners have opted for the stylish yet simple addition of lattice tops. Lattice tops also give homeowners a little more visibility at the top of their fence. There are a number of designs available for lattice tops, including horizontal and diagonal concepts

Fence Stain

If you were to take a walk around your community, you’d likely notice that many homes have wood fences with unique shades. Fence maintenance plays an important role in the colour of your wood fence, and if you make an effort to stain your fence, you will certainly improve your fence’s aesthetic value as well as its durability. Your wood fence isn’t designed to withstand half a decade’s worth of sunlight, rain, snow and moisture. The Fence All professionals recommend that you stain your fence once every 5-6 years to maintain its visual and structural qualities.

Whether you’ve just installed a brand-new fence or you’re looking to improve upon your existing one, these are three additions we believe can make a difference. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your fence or fence maintenance, feel free to contact the professionals at Fence All.