Many homeowners want a simple and straightforward gate that matches exactly their choice of fence. Others want to flex their creative muscles and make the gate area stand out. For the latter folks, there are three general rules of thumb that can help add value to a Wood gate:

Open Up the View:
Choosing a style of gate that is more see-through than the fence beside it is the simplest and most eye-catching option. Note: the gate doesn’t have to be the same material as the fence. For example, choose an Iron Gate with a privacy Wood fence. The observer’s eye will be drawn to the area that isn’t closed off with privacy boards and the entire fence system will feel more inviting.

Add an Overhead Feature:
This can be a simple Brace or a more elaborate Wood Arbour. A good tip: if you choose a gate height lower than usual it will enhance the view of the arbour from all angles.

Add Built-Up Wood Posts:
10″ Built-Up Posts work beautifully with Wood gates to give your real estate a stately profile.