For thousands of years iron has been the architect’s first choice, combining the strength of steel with the style and charm of the old-world. Available in an unlimited variety of colours, along with a list of custom upgrade options, iron is an excellent solution for consumers looking for attractive, long term, maintenance free, secure enclosures.

  • Under normal use and in typical conditions any of our Iron Fence or Gate styles should look good for more than twenty years while Railings, which tend to come into more contact with winter salt, may show defects in as little as five to ten years.
  • Fallen leaves, shaded areas, dirt accumulation, constant moisture, winter road-salt, and chemicals all encourage corrosion.
  • To avoid long term contact with these corrosive elements, Iron should be washed off with soapy water every spring and fall – or even more often, if needed.
  • All of our standard Iron products are made with Galvalume Steel, which is steel that is specifically meant for outdoor applications by being coated with a mixture of Aluminum (55%), Zinc (43%) and Silicon (2%).
  • Galvalume Steel, offering all of the best qualities of aluminum and galvanizing, deters corrosion at a rate of up to 6 times that of traditional galvanized steel or 24 times that of regular steel.
  • All of our standard Iron products are also covered with a Baked-On Powder Coating which offers complete, uniform coverage and added rust protection.
  • The Oven Baked Paint Finish provides superior adhesion, improved scratch resistance, and a longer lasting high-gloss finish. Other than a few touch-ups, our Iron products should never need to be repainted.
  • Stainless-steel welds at every connection point are part of what makes Iron the strongest type of fence, railing or gate.
  • The look and the security of old-world Iron without all the maintenance.
  • More questions? Try our Iron FAQ list:

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