Chain Link is an economical, long lasting and maintenance-free fence material making it a popular choice for homeowners with children, pets or a pool/hot-tub. Easy to install, Chain Link provides safety and security without breaking the budget.

As a manufacturer, a leading Canadian supplier, and an installer, Fence-All offers the largest selection of Chain Link fence products and systems available. We manufacture every Chain Link gate we sell so that they hang perfectly balanced at the right size. We also have a wide variety of choices for gate hardware.

YES. Almost all of our Chain Link fence systems are available in a choice of colours. See the individual style pages for the standard colour choices.

NO. Our full colour systems use a combination of vinyl covered wire, powder coated framework, and fittings for the best in long time colour retention.

With powder coating, a dry powdered plastic is sprayed onto the steel with an electro-static charge. In the oven the heat melts the plastic to cover all of the steel at an even thickness. UV stabilizers provide a longer lasting shine, there’s better adhesion to the steel (it’s baked right in), and there’s long term protection against scratches.

YES. Pollens and pollutants that build up over time are not good for the powder coating. The product must be washed down regularly (normally once every 6 months but more often in marine and industrial environments) with soapy water and a neutral detergent, then rinsed off with clean water.

NEVER. Under normal conditions, when installed properly and maintained regularly, powder coating should be relatively permanent. Correctly applied powder coatings will not crack, chip or peel (unlike traditional wet paints).

NO. But under normal conditions, it should be good for 20 years.

NO. Traditional wet painting can be done at less cost than hiring a professional with an electro-static paint oven. Some companies choose to offer products that cost less but only hold their appearance for a year or two…BUYER BEWARE.

NO. We also offer less costly Chain Link fences that are made with galvanized mesh, galvanized pipe or galvalume framework. Galvanized/galvalume is a silver/grey colour.

NO. Any/all of our coloured wires have been vinyl covered.

NO. Steel needs to be cleaned properly before it is coated and the coating has to be put on evenly and at the right thickness. Unfortunately a consumer really can’t predict the durability of a finish when new…BUYER BEWARE.

NO. Powder coating, just like traditional paint, is available in any colour. Vinyl wire can also be specially ordered in most colours: The only limits are budget and imagination.

GALVALUME® is a 55% Aluminum and 45% Zinc coated sheet steel that is manufactured and sold under the trademark GALVALUME® by Dofasco Inc.

Galvalume steel combines all of the best qualities of aluminum and galvanizing, providing the best corrosion resistance and best paint-ability in steel.

NO. More than 40 billion square feet of Galvalume® sheet steel now covers buildings in all kinds of climates and environments throughout the world. Beyond “iron” fences, gates, and railings, Galvalume steel has an almost 50 year history in mail boxes, eaves-troughs, swimming pools, automobile exhaust, barns, and garden sheds.

Galvalume steel is an ideal material for fences, gates, and railings because of its extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance and it’s ability to hold paint over time.

NO. There are several lesser quality and lower priced “treated steels” available from around the world. Some companies choose to offer products that cost less but only hold their appearance for a year or two…BUYER BEWARE.

NO. All of our residential Chain Link fence and gate designs use Galvalume Steel and our industrial Chain Link fences use hot dipped galvanized steel but most of our welded products (industrial gates, for example) use a galvanized touch-up spray over all welds.

  • YES. We do offer polyethylene privacy slats but it should be noted that standard residential Chain Link fence systems are not typically designed to hold the snow and wind loads that is incurred when adding privacy slats (this is generally not as much of a problem for Industrial Chain Link fences.)
  • We strongly recommend that people who are looking at Chain Link for privacy because of the attractive price should research alternatives first (i.e., wood or vinyl fences).

YES. Chain Link is manufactured in many different heights, wire gauges and diamond sizes.

Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff (613 736-1122) to find out what is most commonly used and why.

NO. In some areas where there is adobe or sandy soil driving the posts works as well OR even better than concrete with less chance of being pulled up with frost. There are however many locations where ground conditions do not allow for driving the posts (solid rock or scattered boulders). The most cost effective method of installing fences in these areas involves setting the posts in concrete.

YES. This is generally very popular but it should be noted that certain vines or plant life will cause an uneven colour in the Chain Link if left over time.

Our combination of Galvalume, Powder Coating and/or Hot Dipped Galvanized Pipe means post rot is not a major concern for most Chain Link fences.

YES. We offer special POOL MESH, auto-closing gates, and removable fence panels for those who like to entertain.

Extra terminal posts at the top and bottom of any hills and/or custom cutting the angle of the Chain Link mesh are the most common ways to handle slopes and other changes in the grade of the land.

YES. We offer options for both our Industrial Chain Link and Residential Chain Link Fence Systems to make them stronger than typical for particular applications (e.g. snow load or privacy slats). These include such things as larger posts, tighter post spacing, and extra rails.

YES. We offer pricing for any individual part or piece incorporated into any one of our standard fence, deck, railing or gate designs.

YES. Give us a call (613 736-1122) or come on down.